Happy Weekend! Fancy doing my survey?


I’m going to keep using this gif, as it’s appearing to be rather effective.

So a few days ago i was appealing for people to help me with my final year project of my undergraduate degree, by finding someone between the age of 18-25 to  interview. Well, i’ve found someone so thank you for all those who shared and asked around!

Now comes to the part where more of you can take part and help me out. If you wish!

If you’re a wheelchair user from the UK and aged over 18, could you please take a few minutes to complete my survey on your experience in accessing the countryside.

Overall I’m linking the bio-psychosocial model to disability and access to the outdoors and whether it’s important for wheelchair users to get that access. I’m looking at what people think of the current existence of off-road trails and why they spend time in the countryside. So far my results are very interesting! So the more responses i can get, the better. Likewise, i’d love to hear what people think in comments and get a real conversation going as through conversations I’ve had towards this project, it appears to be a pretty big one that needs to be had!

Here’s the link: My survey!


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