Could you help me with my Outdoor Studies research?

I would appreciate if you could share this. giphy

I’m currently trying to gather some research for my undergraduate dissertation that is focussing on the bio-psychosocial model of disability and the importance of access to outdoor adventure. (There is a posher title, but that’s basically what it’s all about!)

I have one or two people who have agreed to do an interview.

But I could do with speaking to someone else from a particular sample group.
I’m looking for someone male or female aged between 18-25 who’s a wheelchair user and enjoys spending time in national parks, or in the UK countryside on off-road trails. If you think you sort of fit in to that category or think you know someone who does and think they wouldn’t mind being interviewed by none other than Miss Laura May, i’d really appreciate you getting in touch so I could share more details and organise an interview.

I know many people who know many people in this bizarre adaptive outdoor world, so the further it could get passed along, the better!

I need it to be pretty soon (if you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you will understand how we don’t have long to get on with our assignments or dissertations in this crucial, final year!) so i don’t mind if it’s over the phone, Skype or through email.

I’ve been told my work might actually help with policy and improving outdoor access for people with disabilities, so no pressure, and i’m not blowing my own trumpet (yet) but what you’ll be helping me out with could turn out pretty cool.

My email address is:


feel free to get in touch with me on social media.

My Twitter

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I appreciate the sharing in advance.


Laura May.

*My research is focussed on the UK, so i need someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in Britain.


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