New Year, new whatever.

No one actually says “New Year, New Me” anymore. Everyone just shares memes about how they’re still going to eat shit and drink too much alcohol. Most people don’t actually  do that anyway. So the following year they decide to do “Dry January” and become some kind of micro-social media inspiration icon for a few weeks.

If you haven’t noticed, i’m using the blog-o-sphere as a brain clearing tool right now.

Then there’s those of us who see the final 3 weeks of December as an inconvenience. Ever wonder why that first term between September and Christmas (I’m talking to students for a second) is so stressful and you seem to need to complete half of your degree (not exaggerating, seriously 3 assignments in the space of about 5 weeks) in a short space of time? The answer is Christmas holidays.
Yes, i look forward to having a rest but i don’t enjoy…
Christmas songs, Christmas films and Christmas day because all of your friends abandon you for “family”and I don’t see anyone accept for my dog, Mum and aggressive pensioners in Morrisons for a few weeks. That’s what Christmas is to me. Bullshit.
Everything is so crammed  in, you need 3 weeks to recover. But wait, you don’t actually have 3 weeks to recover. As, due to the amount of assignments you’ve had to get through you’ve not even had chance to start your dissertation. The grand ideas that you have to change the world are still just ideas and you start to wish you were a bit boring with hardly any ambition and wonder why on earth you decided you were mad enough to want to be some kind of adaptive outdoor practitioner that enjoys researching and making things better for everyone. Because, actually you really have no idea where to start, no one really to look up to and then your body decides to come down with the worst cold you’ve had in a few years on the 21st December, so you spend the next 8 days feeling crap and unable to taste your own amazing Jamie Oliver roasties.


They looked so good and from what i could taste, tasted good..I

But other than that, 2016 was the best year i’ve had in…years! I just needed that little rant to clear my head so i can get back on track with chasing appointments, understanding how to conduct an interview, create a survey, read around my lit review, plan a 3 day journey, a festival and not wade through piles of books and weird kitchen gadgets i got for Christmas in order to get to my desk. It helped!


I’ve not written anything blog-like since the summer. I know, sorry. After that little outburst, i’m sure you’ve figured out why.
“Because, third year.” That’s why.

That excuse is literally one of the most honest excuses i’ve ever had. I arrived back in Crewe in September, refreshed, bright and ready to use all of my reclaimed confidence and positivity that i seemed to have lost somewhere in 2013. People actually said to me “This is the Laura May we’ve all heard of!” I was back. I am back. It’s weird.

So what you’ve just read isn’t me being down or miserable or anything along those lines, it’s just me channeling my inner karl Pilkington and hoping you all figured that i love new year because it means i can just get back on with life. I might enjoy Christmas in a few years time, when i no longer live at home, have a real life non-hypothetical  boyfriend and don’t get a cold so i can actually taste my Jamie Oliver recipes.

That’s then or whenever and, this is now.

I’m just in a sloggy bit of preparing for life and my career. I throw parties when i want to. I don’t need Christmas to go out, cook or have a good time. I live life to the full and December just feels like a time for people who don’t know how to do it, so i don’t quite get it. Why only have fun once a year when you can have fun all the time with the right kind of work-life balance? I’m actually the opposite to miserable, i’m bemused.

It’s nice to be back on my macbook. I have two laptops. One designed for uni work with all my dyslexic technology on it, and my own one that i use for blogging and the creative side of my life. It helps keep my brain organised.

So will i be writing anymore blogs before the end of March?

I hope so. I’ve got a few ideas from a few things that have happened recently. I’ve also been advised to blog whilst i’m conducting research for my dissertation, it’s supposed to help my focus issues. So i’m going to try and make some sort of schedule because that’s the only way i ever get anything done.

Happy New Year.

I guess i’m suppose dot have mentioned Brexit, Trump and the death of loads of famous people?
Ye, that was pretty shit.


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