Depressed Divas: A Rant About Social Media

This is so true. I’ve given up reaching out to people on social media when I genuinely feel suicidal, because people just judge you s attention seekers…but say i want to die because i embarrassed myself in asda, and everyone’s loving it!

Silent D And Me

Depressed Diva

How often do we see the word “depressed”, being misused? If you’re on social media, then the chances are, you’ll have seen it strewn around carelessly; like dirty socks in a teenager’s bedroom. An acquaintance you met at a party, posts a status about how “depressed” they are, because they can only get their eyeliner straight on one eye.What do I say to that? Lucky them.

They’re lucky, because they can pinpoint the reason they’re feeling “depressed.” If I had a pound, for every time I’ve spluttered “I don’t know” at my husband, whenever he’s asked why I’m sobbing over my Spaghetti Bolognese; I’d be writing this post from a yacht on the Caribbean Sea.

For people like me, depressed is the mood we’re perpetually locked in. We wake up depressed, go to work depressed, eat our meals depressed and go to bed depressed. Whether or not our eyeliner is…

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