WOW petition: Quick mention, i’ll do a proper informed blog soon!

 This is the petition calling for a cumulative impact assessment on the welfare (we can already feel the rumblings of) reform that will affect disabled and sick people across the UK. It so far has had over 49 000 signatures and as an e-petition, needs over 100 000, for it to be considered for debate by the Backbench business committee. They are also hoping to raise a public profile using the media and supportive MPs and other figure heads to help stop the injustice thats occurring within our welfare system. If you believe in living in a fair country, but are against the scroungers but for the real people who benefit and make a difference as part of our society (you know, awesome people like me!) Then please just click this petition. Not only will this improve the rights for people who have disabilities, but it will also prove that people with “disabilities” do have a voice and if you take away what we need in order to be great, everyday citizens of society, then we can use them to prove that you can’t just forget about us, most of us are still living and doing because we are fighters! And those of you who know me, we are certainly not *push overs! 

*no pun intented!

Sign the e-petition here!


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