I am a reflective being, so hang on!

No, I have not written much.
yes, I have been busy focussing on all of the usual paperwork/application process of getting into University.
I’m back home in the UK until August and I have lots of fun, crazy things planned…and already started some of them.

I lasted just two days under my own roof. As i was invited to a “mini festival” or “wed stock” to
celebrate a marriage, it was fantastic and I made some great new friends, as well as enjoying fantastic live music in a field somewhere between Preston and Clitheroe! >>>

<<< I’ve finally seen Green Day (my absolute heroes!) Live!…i think my face says it all! I hate to idolise people but in that face, right there, is an 11 year old girl finding an outlet…she just now happens to inhabit a 19 year old life and body!

Then by some crazy, “only me” way I ended up in some sort of caribbean fashion show at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury!

And this weekend I’ll be catching up with my Back Up buddies and going Water Skiing…so watch out!

But in the meantime there will be posts, helpful, non-ranty posts…i promise!


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