Things are moving quick and productive with my "getting to Vancouver" plans…but seriously, sometimes..what a faff!

I promised this blog wasn’t just going to be all “oh wow, i had this amazing experience!” So, this isn’t a negative post. This is a reality post of stuff i’m having to do at the moment to get places. It’s not a moan it’s a “This is what i’ve got to do.” it might possibly help someone or it might just inform and make a few people who’ve never thought of stuff, aware of what i’ve got to do in order to just be free and go over to Canada for four months on my own.

None of what i’m doing is new. So many eople do this all the time…just thought i’d write it down. 🙂

To make things simple, and easier to manage what i tend to do when i’m planning anything (like most people) i break things down. Initially i break tasks i need to do, when it comes to “going places” into able bodied/non-able bodied stuff. So your normal “sorting phone, money…” which apparently sometimes people find stressful (seriously, i have to laugh when i see my friends getting stressed by this student finance lark…it is nothing compared to the extra i have to put up with!) Though…as i’m finding right now…it’s an extra add-on!

So travelling as a paraplegic 19 yr old with a fringe…
Within Britain…easy. Just attach a wire to top of your boot and shove what you can in there and bam!

Not so simple across seas and continents and as many frank turner-type explanations i can explain my life with…

If you have meds, which admittedly i do, (mainly for acne) you’ve got to get them in bulk as we
(Britain) are blessed with the NHS and don’t want to be paying full wack in another country. The amount i need to take isn’t so bad, and if you go face to face to your surgery and say, as I did,”I’m Laura May, i’m going to Canada for 4 months on my gap year and i need that much supply for my medication that’s on repeat prescription…” They’re pretty good an are like “ok!”
(despite the NHS website saying that a Doctor can only supply 2 months…which proves, as usual, if you just “go for it” you can get it..)

Catheters anyone? i now use coloplast ones and let’s face it, i wee a lot!
An interesting occurrence occurred yesterday…i called coloplast to explain and ask if i could get 4 months supply sent over. They’re not allowed to…and i found out some really interesting stuff too! apparently  a little box of 30 coloplast speedicath compact catheters is worth £50…so yes, i worked out that every time i go to the toilet, it is worth £1.67 (rounded up)…sad? Of course i am.
So…i could take 750 catheters over the sea and even more land…but what i’m going to do is get my parent to send them over in month-month supply through a courier as again, it would be so much cheaper than buying it when i get to Canada…£50 a week? C-razy!
So that’s moving along…but then the interesting occurrence occurred when the lovely lady on the phone noticed that my GP hadn’t payed for my prescription for the last few months and i luckily had enough to cover what i needed…otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to get catheters. This has happened in the past and apparently happens a lot…it’s all to do with the fact that instead of faffing around running back and to to the doctors and chemist i just call up chartered healthcare and they sort all that stuff and i get my catheters delivered the next day…which is great! it’s just not when the “professionals” don’t do what they should to make life easier…
Hopefully it will all be sorted and i think a renewal for my prepayment prescription certificate is on the cards…don’t think i received my last one in the post…even though i did pay!
Oh and then there’s the almost faff of trying to sort out getting an indwelling catheter…and needing a travel certificate as you know tubes on legs and stuff…i got a bit of hassle in belfast when they found my intermittent catheters let alone one attached!

So there’s a tiny chunk of a day i managed to bundle an hours skiing, mcdonalds and a few rows of knitting into as well…things are getting there and all is good. I’m sad, i get a weird buzz out of getting stuff moving..but it’s just me, and i’m lucky i can grab it and do it…

There’s a lot more stuff to do!


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