Adam Hills: The last leg of the year


Right. Adam Hill’s last leg of the year is on tonight. I was at the recording and he made an embarrassingly funny joke about my hair on camera…half hoping they’ve edited it out…half hoping i will be on channel 4 dying, having josh stick up for me!
Either way, please watch it. Simply because the last leg, Adam, Alex and Josh have done so much this year to allow the world to realise that well…it is ok! It’s ok to giggle at stuff that’s a bit different, it’s ok to laugh at the team gb rugby guy who’s face landed in his opponent’s lap. It’s ok to have silly stories. It’s ok to punch someone in a wheelchair if they’re a knob. It’s ok to be an Olympian, Paralympian, hairdresser, teacher, dentist, instructor, waiter, petrol station attendant…basically it’s ok to be you. No, it’s great and amazing to be you. And also, this show made me feel that it’s more than ok to be proud to be British. We showed the world that we don’t half know how to put on a show, hold about 5 national parties and get together through a difficult, depressing economic time through smiles, laughter, flag waving and rain, lot’s of it. So…who can say they’re not a superhuman for being true and the best of themselves they can be? Thank you 2012, you allowed us all to do ourselves proud!
If you’re reading this give yourself a pat on the back for ANYTHING you have achieved. It could be something everyone knows about, something no one but you knows about about, it could be anything…!
Much love…and yes, now nanna’s gone i can get to work on laura May’s last leg of the year. 🙂

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