Frank Turner

Frank Turner!

The half-arsed folk punk english country singer was bloody brilliant! Initially we got put into some really rubbish seats…i went to the loo, bought my t-shirt, re-appeared and Rose informed me that the guy with one leg had asked to be moved upstairs. So i flicked my fringe and i got, arguably the bets seat in the house…balcony, looking straight at him!
It was incredible, i sang every song and was prevented from jumping into the crowd….!
We met him (obviously)…there is no point in going to see one of your favourite people and not trying to meet them…that’s just crazy. So we waited and waited and waited in the cold and he appeared.
We had a chat about kayaking and i got  a hug…dunno how we ended up talking about what i’m up to but he was like “that’s wicked do it! why do you do so much stuff?” i went “well you write songs about doing what you want to do!” “oh ye..sorry about that!”
…good giggles. 🙂

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