Trike time? Bikes, bums and waiting for bureaucrats…

I received my trike the other day…been out on it once, but had to spend one day staying off my bum as i’ve burnt it (again!) on my FES bike…don’t want to end up on bed rest. Most especially with the life I now lead.

Can you see the head? The birth of my trike!

I can feel my body is getting tougher and stronger now I no longer spend all day, every day slaving away writing pointless essays. (Ok, ok, I will always be proud of my Black Nationalism coursework and James Callaghan essay!) I no longer feel lethargic, de-motivated and I’m really enjoying and embracing autumn. I don’t think I’ve been able to enjoy the golden leaves falling in my fringe since before I started school.

My skiing is improving too! Had my 7th ski lesson yesterday. Garlands most definitely are God, but I keep leaning and stacking it when i turn..but hey, i’m getting them turns on a steep gradient in a sport I never tried or knew much about until very recently. When I get over to Canada I’ll really be able to work on it for hopefully more than an hour once a week.

I’m just waiting for the opening of the application process for the international experience Canada visa to open so I can apply, set things in motion and head over to volunteer with VASS. My aim is to go over early January and stay for the rest of the ski season..but visas take 6-8 weeks to come through and it’s 8 weeks this week till the beginning of January so may be a little later.
I’m still looking for a place to stay but laurie is being really helpful in putting my details out there to see if anyone has the facilities and room for me to stay with them.
The only extra difficulties with travelling alone and being in a chair is just little practicalities that would cause a bit of nuisance even if I stayed in Chorley for the rest of my life (And let’s face it, that is something I could never do!) If you break goals down into chunks, you can do it. Coloplast deliver and have their own branches in Canada so i can pee happily! I’ll speak to my GP about medication…might have to sort some sort of physio out, I can still receive DLA for  a short period of time which will be very helpful while I’m still getting on my feet. I just need to think about kit and what will be out there for me, what I should take and what I should buy…I’m thinking of buying a Prasch while I’m out there.

Damnnn it’s raning now…still going out with people like my Mum in my trike for…safety reasons! Might drag people to Delamere this sunday to get some proper practice in!

I’m having a swimming assessment tomorrow…so hopefully will be come  confident swimmer pretty soon too!


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