Wheelchairs and snow…marriage made in hell? Maybe not anymore…

From feet, to trays, to wheels, to bigger wheels, to blades?
For any of my readers who don’t know, snow and wheelchairs can often be a match made in hell (though that wouldn’t be very helpful as your both tyres and snow would melt!)
The first few winters after my injury felt like a long steady torture of ill health and depression, sat at my bedroom window, trying and failing to revise, yearning to just run around and play in the snow…
My negative memories and feelings didn’t help…the day before I’d gone into hospital for my operation I’d played out in the snow, and for 4/5 years I just couldn’t cope with the idea of going out in it and when I tried, I just got stuck…

Until 2010…which was when I started to see my wheelchair as this cool thing that gets me around…(This was way before i’d even thought of skiing, I was still all studious and attempting to get an A* in History at GCSE (which i’m still proud of btw) back then…) and Dad dug out a tray he uses for gardening and that’s how i got around that snow week…

It was a little awkward when i was forgotten and
stranded in the middle of my street..
Now, I’m a little more of a wheelchair geek and I love wheels…a little too much.

…Extra wheels…

I’ve now got a “freewheel” that I haven’t yet had the pleasure to use in the snow. Apparently however, with the correct large wheel tyres it’s pretty good…(my snow tyres are currently on order…)
I’d recommend anyone who can afford or has the guts to ask for someone to fundraise £375 buys a freewheel. I got mine through Gerald Simonds in the UK, but it originates from the US. I use it all the time and i’s got me many places…

It got me onto the giant’s causeway…yes, I had to be
carried off, but that’s because…have you ever been there?
you’ll get my drift!

It’s also fantastic for everyday use more than anything, not just Laura May-loony adventures. If I go for a push at night (especially these dark ones) I put it on so I can push quickly and with the confidence, knowing that I’m not going to fly out because my caster got caught on a tiny stone.
So I’m looking forward to trying it out on the snow either over here or when I go over to vancouver in January…
That’s another thing, It’s compact and easy to travel with. You just attach it to the back of your chair as it comes with all the equipment needed.

A video showing the freewheel in action             >>>>>>>

…Bigger wheels…
So from freewheels that are great camping, in fields at festivals, walking your dog and getting over everyday obstacles to my new baby…
My mountain trike.
I only got it yesterday but this is literally a mountain bike…but a wheelchair and when I get in it…i’m on a bike. It’s weird, I will give it it’s own beautiful, personalised blogpost…but that’s apparently amazing in the snow too. Though I doubt I’ll get it over to Vancouver in hand luggage and it’s not £375 but it is worth £3995 and I really want to see it develop as a sport and oh the trails…anyway, sorry…sidetracked…but yes, mountain trikes…check them out…

I’ve recently taken up skiing and I’m loving learning how to slide and not fall or lose my teeth on the lifts at the Chillfactore…
Anyway, I’ve been talking to a few people and recently at some kind of motability show in Dusseldorf…these lovely little wheelchair attachments called “wheelblades”. The design of them seems similar  to your outriggers that you use when mono-skiing. I don’t know anyone who’s tried them but what I’ve seen looks pretty epic, I’d love to try them! Not sure I need them however with all my beautiful baby wheels…but hey, when you get kids trying to be cool, or old men walking their dogs saying “you need to attach some skis to that thing!” if you’re going down a huge hill…at least you can answer back and say, “ye, don’t worry, they’re at home!”
Wheelblades website

Though…if you’ve seen where I live…if it did snow, I’d love to just monoski down my street!

Hope this helps…just thought i’d let you all know of my little journey from feet, depression, getting stuck to…rolling and sliding quite happily in the snow. 🙂


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