Power: ?

Say shit that no one understands.
Say shit that everyone understands to be racism.

It seems pretty negative.
Maybe it is.
I think the entire political, economic and social system (History A level student) that we have all been a part of, whether we like it or not, is on the brink of something…People, normal people, like me!…are seeing cracks, questioning, getting angry.
The cracks are getting wider and we’re seeing through them…most people have something against most members of Parliament, (especially The Lords), thanks to the media matrix we live in. However most of us don’t trust the those guys in red tops with flashy cameras that are supposed to keep the powers that be under control. They are the bloody powers that be…well, they were.
Almost no one feels (well I don’t) generally happy and reassured by the idea of living an ordinary capitalist lifestyle, it seems people are clinging on to this bizarre concept called “fame” is it because we are so afraid of being forgotten?

Though these are all ideas whizzing round my head early on a Tuesday morning; to me and most of the people around me, they seem pretty accurate. I clearly don’t have the power to form opinions for myself, we saw that with The English degree that was an never will be. Since that day of realising that I’m never going to be quite your average outstanding academic who would happily spend 3 years living in a box with a £27 000 debt to throw my toys out of my pram with, I have this annoyingly content, powerful feeling of…”Fuck this! I can do what I want…it doesn’t matter anymore!”

So as a cynic, (as that is what I have spent the past 13 years of my life being taught to be.) The people or power that’s tried to keep us down should know that by attempting to scare us into either rushing to uni to save ourselves from that scary place some people call society…or not go at all because of “money”, hasn’t worked.
Ok, majority of us have given in without even a second thought…I almost did. But I didn’t, and that’s the key thing.
There’s a few of us, a few angry kids with minds voices and more importantly, education and the internet at our finger tips.
We know stuff, we can figure stuff out and now we’re free and no longer afraid, we can do something about it.

Watch out “power”, there’s a storm brewing, and I think the kettle’s just boiled.


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